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We will make your work with personnel comprehensible and clear and will draw up the full system of the personnel management

In the conditions of equal access of corporations to modern technologies, a notable difference in the achievement of the final results is created by means of effective work with human resources that define a growing role of the personnel management in all spheres of business.

HR ASSISTANCE, using innovative approaches in work with the personnel, is ready to help you with development of the Policy of the personnel management, which will correspond to the mission and business-strategy of your company. We'll be glad to help you with formation of a team, construction of corporate culture. It will allow to construct such a system of the personnel management at which the Company will have the status of a "preferable employer" in opinion of the people ready and capable to give it the maximum benefit and to involve for work the aces of aces.


You'll be able to receive the maximum advantage of investments into the personnel through construction of a system, which:

  • motivates each worker to achieve the purposes, determined by the business-strategy of your Company;
  • is capable to estimate a degree of the achievement of results;
  • fairly remunerates and encourages for their achievement.

    We'll help you to develop uniform principles and approaches in the work with the personnel in all regions and countries of your presence.

    Below are in more detail listed the kinds of consultations in the field of HR-consulting, which will allow you to save time and resources, quickly and effectively adapt to changes of sociopolitical and external economic factors, actively introduce necessary changes and innovations:

  • Development of the policy of the personnel management;
  • Development of corporate standards in the field of the personnel management;
  • Creation of the systems of motivation and remuneration of the personnel;
  • Personnel assessment (including the use of the CPI test), estimating the leadership potential of the employees;
  • Personnel development - creation of the system of work with newcomers, career planning, training of the personnel, defining of personnel competency models, maintenance of the rotation of the personnel, development of the principles of work with "mobile personnel";
  • Development of corporate culture, defining of corporate values;
  • Development of organizational structures and carrying out of organizational changes;
  • Forming of the personnel reserve;
  • Optimization of the number of workers and employment of the liberated employees;
  • Organization of non-state retirement insurance for the employees;
  • Development of social programs;
  • Development of the "stock option" program.

    We'll also help you to:
  • Provide the company with human resources;
  • Transfer some employees to another legal entity (Outstaffing);
  • Manage the personnel inside Your company;
  • Staff the enterprise;
  • Carry out tax and legal consulting.

    HR assistance also offers its clients the service of Secondment, representing leasing of the personnel to the Client - a kind of the personnel rotation, more exactly "sending" the personnel for certain time to another business-structure. Secondment can be used both for the attraction of foreign experts for work in Russian companies, and for sending Russian employees for work to foreign companies. Participation of the employee in Secondment is a fine opportunity to approve himself, to try hand at a new quality and new circumstances, to accelerate the professional and career development. Due to Secondment the company can improve professional skills of the employees, develop a network of contacts, raise motivation of the personnel, and also get the reputation of a good employer and a socially focused company. In spite of the fact that Secondment has appeared in Russia only recently, there are no doubts that soon it will become as widespread, as it is in the West.
    HR assistance gives its clients the service aimed at a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. It allows our partners to plan their activity and to develop their business qualitatively. In the basis of our work lays the readiness to be guided by the interests of the clients, the aspiration to meet their requirements and demands to the uttermost. Our purpose is to contribute to the prosperity of our clients' business, rendering services of the highest quality on the personnel selection and management. We constantly improve the quality of the offered services, being guided by the needs of the clients, that allows us to carry out the taken obligations operatively and qualitatively.