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Varganova Galina Viktorovna has graduated from the G. V. Plehanov Institute of the National Economy in Moscow with a degree in economy. In 2000 received the second higher education with a degree in law. By way of reeducation and skill improvement she has attended the following trainings:

1993-1994 - English language courses
1999 - Traineeship in Great Britain (English language)
1997-2006 - Trainings and seminars on international taxation
2004-Human resources management training at the School of Personnel Management of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation

2005-2006 Trainings of the School of Managers Arsenal

  • S. Makshanov Creativeness in management
  • S. Makshanov Strategic management under the conditions of changes
  • S. Makshanov Philosophy of life
  • V.Tarasov Technics of management interception and retention
  • V. Tarasov Personal managerial art
  • V. Tarasov Eight steps of managerial art
  • E. Sidorenko Personal influence and opposition to foreign influence
  • E. Sidorenko Drive management
  • E. Sidorenko The discernment in business
  • N. Lepehin Conflict management

    At the moment Galina Viktorovna is attending the course of professional retraining Managerial consulting at the A. I. Prigozhin School of Management Consultants of the Academy of National Economy.

    Professional Experience:

    At the present time - the proprietor and the General Director of the HR Assistance company. The company was created with the aim of rendering services in the field of human resources management and assistance in the field of personnel selection. You can find more information about the services offered by HR Assistance company in the sections General and Our Services.
    The HR assistance company was created on the basis of Galina Viktorovnas five years' experience of work at LUKOIL group, the last three years in the capacity of the General Director of LLC LUKOIL PERSONNEL - affiliated company of JSC LUKOIL engaged in placement of the personnel and work with the personnel of foreign affiliated companies. The activity of the company covers 16 jurisdictions, 25 foreign affiliated companies of LUKOIL group. The scope of duties in the capacity of General Director among other things included:

  • Development of the companys activity strategy;
  • Development of short-term and long-term prospects of the companys activity;
  • Development, control over execution, analysis and updating of business-plan of the companys growth;
  • Organization of placement of the personnel for work in foreign affiliated companies of the holding;
  • Development of the schemes of placement the personnel for work abroad;
  • Management of the personnel of foreign affiliated companies, including:

    - Development of corporate standards in the field of personnel management;
    - Supply of personnel to the company;
    - Creation of the systems of motivation and remuneration;
    - Personnel assessment (including the use of CPI test);
    - Personnel development- career planning, training of the personnel, maintenance of the rotation of the personnel;
    - Organization of the personnel reserve of the foreign block;
    - Administration of the data on workers and wages;
    - Participation in projects on optimization of the number of workers and employment of the liberated employees;
    - Organization of non-state retirement insurance for the employees of the foreign block;

  • Study of tax, labor and immigration questions of the personnel placement;
  • Study of the system of taxation of the physical persons working abroad;
  • Creation of branches and representations of the company abroad;
  • Release of the printed edition on the foreign block;
  • Participation in the creation of the system of remuneration and bonuses of the holdings management;
  • Participation in development of the holdings social programs;
  • Participation in development of the stock option program

    The work of LLC LUKOIL PERSONNEL was organized by Galina Viktorovna Varganova from the ground up, the company was staffed completely without engaging HR agencies. The formed team has been working successfully to the present day.

    For the organization of foreign trade activities the company had to work constantly with the international consulting companies (KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Austrian, Swiss, Bulgarian legal companies)

    From 1993 till 2001 Galina Viktorovna Varganova worked at the KPMG International Audit company. The work began in the department of protocol (1993-1994), then followed the tax department (1994-1999), and the legal group of the tax department (1999-2001).

    Galina Viktorovna is also at home in English language (upper-intermediate level)

    Key skills:

  • Development of corporate standards in the field of personnel management;
  • Development of the documents regulating personnel placement abroad;
  • Expertise in international taxation, labor and immigration legislations of the Russian Federation, the EU countries and the USA;
  • Experience of conducting foreign trade activities;
  • Work in SAPR3 programs, Staffs and cadres;
  • Selection of the personnel and creation of an effective team;
  • Carrying out of personnel audit in foreign companies;
  • Designing and creation of organizational structures;
  • Development of competency models, systems of motivation, certification of the personnel;
  • Development of the system of perfection of professional knowledge and competencies;
  • Creation of corporate universities, organization of training of the personnel;
  • Experience of carrying out PR activity of the company;
  • Experience of organization and conducting intricate negotiations;
  • Skills of business organization from the ground up;
  • Ability to see situation as a whole, to arrive at a solution of the most challenging tasks

    Such personal qualities as: communication skills, creativeness, positivity, ability to organize business from the ground up and on a turn-key basis and also to take responsibility for the results of work allow to achieve outstanding results practically in any field of activity.